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Report R02

Problem: Creeping Thistle & Hemlock in pasture
Where: Winchcombe, Glos.
When: 26th July- 29th July: 2001 (122 man-hours.)
Status: Organic
Area: Unrecorded
Detail: Level pasture infested with Hemlock. Creeping Thistle on rough banks.
Removal of Hemlock (Lazy Dog) Removal of thistle (Chisel Hoes & Strimmers)

This was a short visit to an organic dairy farm (16 hrs over 2.5 days). No review of the useful work exists. 1.5 days were spent removing Hemlock (successfully), the rest of the time chiseling Creeping thistle. It was early days for the new chisel hoe (now much improved), and two bladed strimmers were put to work in awkward areas around Gorse and Hawthorne shrubs.

Cost: 230 +vat.(included 10. travel)