Weeding tools to remove injurous, harmful, noxious & invasive weeds without chemicals

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The Lazy Dog and Ragwort Tools
The Spud Weedhook
Spud Weedhook
The Chisel Hoe
Chisel Hoe
The Proboscis Shim  
  Proboscis Shim

Lazy Dog Noses  

These grubbing noses attach to all versions of the Lazy Dog.  They are tightened down using a standard key, which is provided.

click here to see how to change grubbing noses

* Please note:
Noses NO1B and NO8 are the two most essential attachments,
and together make up a sort of 'Basic Kit'.

NO1B (52 mm) *See note above

Used from Autumn to late Spring, the original, general purpose weeding nose lifts SCOTCH THISTLE ROSETTES and DOCKS.  Extracted weeds are easily pushed off this nose with the toe of a boot. We use it a lot

NO7 (65 mm)

Specially designed for RAGWORT but can sometimes be useful for SPEAR THISTLE ROSETTES.

N.B. Both NO8 & NO7 now have sharply pointed tines - useful in harder ground.

NO8 (85 mm) *See note above

Used for MATURE DOCKS and HOGWEED.  Deep-reaching & essential for roots in new seeds.  Tackle Docks in pasture when conditions are moist.

NO9 Please note: This nose has been discontinued. We reccommend NO8 (85 mm) in its place. The NO8 nose can tackle Docks as well as everything the NO9 was designed to do.