Weeding tools to remove injurous, harmful, noxious & invasive weeds without chemicals

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Weeding Tools Handmade in North Yorkshire

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The Lazy Dog and Ragwort Tools
The Spud Weedhook
Spud Weedhook
The Chisel Hoe
Chisel Hoe
The Proboscis Shim  
  Proboscis Shim

Chisel Hoesee a chisel hoe in action
The creeping thistle rhizome
We have improved a lot of pasture early in the season, using this tool, and many of our fields which were infested 4 years ago, have been improved beyond measure.  After chisel-hoeing, there is no coppicing (as with conventional cutting), and on the bank sides where it is drier, the effect  is outstanding.  Shoots should be cut just below ground level, and this will force the rhizome to shoot from a new point.  We've found that this regrowth rarely achieves maturity, and only in unusually wet areas is repeat action necessary.
The tool can be operated by both handles (or by the top handle alone), using a rotary motion.  Operators soon learn to chisel-hoe around 30 rosettes a minute in the thicker beds , and to develop an eagle eye for the smallest shoots.  It is important to wear a glove, and to keep the blade sharp.  Practice will lead to accuracy and speed.